2 reasons to make use of a masturbator

Yes, everybody masturbates and yes we should all being doing it more often. Those would be the responses to be given to anyone who would want to know if everyone is actually masturbating and whether there is a need to make use of a masturbator more often. There are several researches which support the use of a masturbator and the benefit it gives to our overall wellness. And if you are wondering if there is any research backing this, then you should know that between one and four times every week over 50 percent of adults in the US are said to use a masturbator or engage in masturbation. There is also scientific evidence to prove that women do not use a masturbator as frequently as men do.

Sex experts are of the opinion that it is rather unfortunate that the use of a masturbator and masturbation has become a topic that is uncomfortable to talk about based on their work with thousands of women. They claim that a masturbator and talking about the need to use it should be embraced by all because a masturbator is actually a powerful healing technique. 

It is mainly because of culture and religion that the use of a masturbator has gotten such a bad reputation. And when using a masturbator the feelings of some traces of fear, guilt, and even shame can be understandable. However, modern science and the animal world are giving us all more consolation. This is because there is documented evidence of dozens of insect species, birds, and mammals that masturbate in the wild and in captivity. Mother Nature has no judgment when it comes to wrapping your fin, wing, or hand around your own personal magic wand as has been seen in porcupines, horses, and even dolphins.

The fact is that an essential part of your self-care and wellness routine should be the use of a masturbator and masturbation. And to emphasize this point we have two reasons below.

Firstly, you are not going to get so many cravings for junk food. We feel happier when we have higher levels of oxytocin and this helps to prevent those food cravings that are emotionally-triggered for comfort foods like cheese, sugar, and others. By using a masturbator for the physical stimulation of the breasts, cervix, vagina, and clitoris you can easily increase the levels of oxytocin. You are surely going to release this powerful neurotransmitter even if you don’t reach climax. Secondly, when you use a masturbator you are going to get a healthy dose of oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine. Scientific research has revealed that oxytocin which is the love and bonding hormone, as well as endorphins, and dopamine are all released by the body when we have orgasms. Cortisol a main stress hormone is lowered when these hormones are boosted. When levels of cortisol are chronically elevated it can result in weight loss resistance, insomnia, stress-eating, and inflammation. This means that if you want a toned body you need to engage more in your pleasure-powered workouts with a masturbator, these are available in Pleasures N’ Treasures online store where anyone can buy.